Saturday, 16 March 2013


Secrets to keep
And some to share
Many to tell
But none to hear
Secrets blossoming
Each day, within, without
Some haunt; some are hunted

Tall tales, and short jabs
Some Spicy and
Some just plain ol' drab
No matter what the flavour-
Can you resist even one?
Secrets, they damn-
And they sometimes do more harm
Than good, if you ever saw any in 'em!
You've got yours
I know,
For, I sure have mine!
So, I'll tell you one
If you tell me another
Let's make it one, together
Or maybe, take a bit farther?
Or let's just secret it away
Till it burgeons, and spills
And let's itself out;
For that is it's nature
Secrets are to hide,
And then to tell
Then to spread
Till finally, back at you, it heads!
You know then-
You should have kept it
A secret!

 March 2013
Online, but of course, and getting crazier by the day :P
Image Courtesy: Google Image Search on 'Secret' :P

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