Saturday, 23 March 2013


To the rapt fifty, that day
(Or was it forty-eight?)
I ranted. 
When I rant
They need to be rapt!
Or else... :P
The ogre, you see, is at work!
I, as usual, on my soapbox-
About clichés -
In speeches, in essays
In letters, in e-mails
They'd need to write
For me to evaluate. 
Class Eight.
Writing tasks :D
Now you'd be a-thinking-
This here lady's really
Got a nut loose.
Clichés, and Class Eight?
Well, yes. I did.
They listened. They giggled.
I swear I even heard some snorting too! :P
In the next fifteen minutes
I had to be done. Just in time I did.
They were saved, by the bell! :P
And so, I forgot, as I suppose, they did too. 
Ta-da! Surprise!
Exams time, and papers galore
(That, incidentally, is where I'm at :P )
Some neat, some spidery
Some short, some too darned lengthy!
Some diatribes, some earnest
Some irreverent, some irascible 
And some - God help me!
To wake me from the stupor
of the overdose of the work-
For, I spy ...
Cliché.! I jump. I cheer.
I look again. Ooooh yes!
Right along there - c l i c h e’
That dashing tiny accent too, to boot!
I have never been more blessed! :P
Never mind that the child wrote:
I quote:
"It's a cliché to say speeches like this"
About the topic; and put me well in my place!
I do this fist pumping grunt of satisfaction.
I accept that criticism.
And I do that clichéd thingy.

I write a ramble.
This a-way.
Clichés are good.
23 March, 2013.
A 'eureka' moment :D

Pic: Courtesy Google Image Search :)

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