Friday, 8 March 2013

A Woman ...

Am I, am I.
And glad of it. 
I'm Daddy's Girl, still Growing Up
And I wonder if I'll ever be
The Right Age :)
I'm that Little Girl yet
Who hasn't given up on dreams,
And Carousel Rides :)
I wish I was stronger.
But then I might give
Mr. World a run for his money.
Thank you. I am happy this way :D
For now. :P
I've lived Sepia Dreams And coloured them bright :)
I have my reasons and seasons
And most times, I am defiant :D
Today, too, like other days
I celebrate me. And you....
All of you, who be humane ...
Who loves and respects another,
Especially a woman; for then,
You truly live. 
8 March, 2013
Wishing every reader here, both men and women the best of the day, and of life, as you walk through the world, sharing your respect for everyone, especially women. Happy Women's Day.
And for a change, I shall not excuse myself for a self-aggrandizing post, linky linky one at that :D
Listened to, as the first song of the day, "Woman" by John Lennon. Magic :)

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  1. Who loves and respects another,
    Especially a woman; for then,...

    This is very important. We women should respect each other first, Usha. Very nice words for Women's day!

    Thank you and wish you the same, Usha!


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