Monday, 30 July 2012

Quest III

Quelling the panic;
The surge of disquiet-
I call you. 
You're beyond reach.
(In more ways than one,
I think. Suddenly.
Though that knowledge
Lapped around the fringes 
Of the Utopia I lived in...
It always had, I know now,
Innundated by that certainty
I allow myself to sink in
To absorb that too-
After all, I'm the one
Who always mopped up each mess
For everyone. 
And while self-pity claws in
And illusions shimmer, shake
And form slivers from irreversible cracks
On my stained glass dreams...
I begin to find sanity.
Hold threatening thunderstorms at bay.
Go deep into the stillness within
Find a catatonic, cathartic me
Assuage a ravished heart. 
And dig me out.
30 July, 2012
That is why this title :D

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