Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Clouded Hopes

That cloud, it grew, as it passed
Over sea, over beach, over valleys and hills...

And burgeoning with the heaviness
Of promise, or was it warning?
It arrived: longed for release.

As did she, looking upward
In empathy. Know the portent
Of that darkness, of that weight
Of expectation, of the helplessness
Of being left, to the
Winds of change.

And while she waited, it blew away.
Was blown away.
Looking longingly after it, she wished
She too could grow wings and follow;
That she too, whimsically could just
Up it and off.

A day later, she heard it rained
Where he was.
Unappeased, she forgave herself.
And waited for the next one.

17 July, 2012

On a random thought, while gmail chatting with Soumya, about a cloud that did not rain here :)
Text below: Uncanny, the thought that it took me by the scruff and wrote itself here. :D The last line says I hoped to read it from him :D 
On 16 July, 2012:
"Soumya-Amused: :
  and how is the weather there?
 me: Almost but not quite rainy.. overcast most times... but the intensity of the rains is yet to pick up
07:00 Soumya-Amused: hmm same here.
  but interestingly
  the cloud that goes above your house, the same comes to ys.
  esp the ones that do not pour
07:01 me: Now THAT is a thought :D
  One should write about it, no?
 Soumya-Amused: Yes yes.
 me: So I'll read it soon?"
*****************************************************************************And now, am waiting to read yours, Soumya :D!

1 comment:

  1. Who decides where she'll deliver
    or when she will make a stopover
    will it be over the sea,a desert or a river
    will she come down to meet the deserver,
    or is she bothered where she lands,ever
    Rains the eternal deceiver.


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