Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Do you colour feelings?
Or do you let your
Feelings colour you?

Took me a while,
As a young young girl
To know the world
Wasn't just black and white!

Monochrome they call it.
My peculiar vision.

Ah! But back then
Little did I know
I'd feel them, instead!
Colours, you know?

She taught me that
An empathetic teacher
Who sensed that seething
Mass of frustration, that
Was me, in Art Class!

So she told me
How she heard sounds
That colours made!
Rain falling, in a shade of blue
Angry brakes screeching in
Violent red.
A gurgle of a baby's laughter
In white, and sometimes Pastel Pink!

What joy that brought!
But hearing wasn't enough.
Defiant, I knew that
To master the shades of myself
I had to feel, with it.

And so began that journey
Of a fecund soul
Feeling the blue s of a sad moment
The passion and warmth of orange and red
In the light of a bright sun
Richness, abundance of green
In fields, meadows, grass!

And I touched purple passion
With him - when my
Emotional skyscape
Burst into the glorious
Pandemonium of love!

Cocooned and warm - a fuzzy
Yellow, I've come to feel
Into the whiteness of a
Seamless endless limitless bond-

I know, I've felt the spectrum
With a palette of hues, in my heart-
More clearly felt, perhaps
Than you could?

8 September, 2008


  1. How do u think?? Please tell me...this was truly an amazing piece...your have made WORDS PLAY WITH COLORS...

    that was amazing..

    Esp i loved the first few lines..

    Do u color feeling......wow!!! tat was such a fantastic start...keep writing..

    P.S: Blog updated

  2. Rajesh, thank you! Lol.. if I were to really tell you how I think, you'd realize I'm not all here..lol!!

    Well synaesthetics is an area that interests me deeply, and yes, sounds that colours make are fascinating, truly:) And the feelings? Out of this world! Try it sometime:)

  3. Coincidentally, I've spent the whole of last week delving into colour. We've had to devise a way to actually quantify colour in our quantum mechanics class. It's been a very very interesting week.

    This actually helped me (would you believe it?), because to do that colour math, I've needed a scale of reference, feeling is a good one, maybe I'll try sound next.

    Good job, and thanks! :D

  4. Aareet, now that is a first, certainly!! That a write could instigate investigation into areas of quantum mechanics...:) Enjoy the foray into it:)

    And thanks; your notes are always special, but this one is more so!!

  5. Usha, firstly thanks for those warm words on my post.

    Yes I sensed a unison of senses in this verse more so hearing with colors. And the way you have put across the point is inspiring. Unison like Grand Unification Theories (GUTS) can be found in a poet's verse.

  6. Trinath, am glad you found something worthwhile in the write:) though it was something that was building up for a while, it kind of expressed itself in this way, in just a short span of time:)

    And, your verse is always, but always a delight to read and enjoy:) Wish I could do it more often though:)

    Thank you!!

  7. landing up on a good blog is like discovering a treasure...u dont hav to wait for the next post to arrive coz u have loads n loads to chew in the form of older posts...good one again...ur best piece so far...n loooooong by ur standards...good for us readers...keep writing gal

  8. You certainly are keeping me on my toes this morning, Sandeep!

    Am overwhelmed beyond words by your attention, and the generosity...:)

    Thank you, is feeble, right now, and an understatement, but there is nothing else by which I can tell you... :)

    Thanks... over and over again:)

  9. This is AMAZING! After reading the article you have linked on FB, I feel this is a poetic rendering the same thing! It reminded me of particular instances where I saw colors for feelings. Not always, but I have experienced them at times. :)
    Beautiful. I love this one Usha.

  10. Shail, thank you! That you feel them, the colours and sounds, makes you really special :)


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