Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Little Girl

Wisps of grey hair
In tendrils tease her forehead
He looks on indulgently
His heart filled
Eyes twinkling,
Crow feet crinkling endearingly...

Her breath catches
She could never tire
Of meeting that delight in his eyes
Knowing she was in the spotlight
As she'd always be
No matter, they were
Together or not!

Elbows on the table
He leans forward
And curls a tendril
On a finger - a feather touch caress
And cups her face
As she turns to it
To smile a tiny kiss on his palm

There's one secret, you know,
You still haven't shared
He murmurs, eyes bright!

Is there?
She, mischievously, knowingly!

It's a game they play
And its enchantment never fades

She waits - lips slightly parted
Corners curling upward
Her anticipation draws him in

This time, you must, simply must
Tell me
How you do stay so young

She tilts her head, into his palm
Shakes it slightly...
And he holds it still,
with his other hand
Cupping her face, smiling
Knowing it too...

How could I not?
She whispers
'Coz I've always been
And will always be
Your darling little girl...
How could I ever age
When you keep my heart forever young?

Of course, she knows, he knows
Still, what they didn't know
Was this-

The magic they gifted
In that melting moment
To the jaded writer, at the next table
Who beamed, sat up
And met life again

31 August, 2008


  1. wow!!! really...u brought out the child in me...and the expression of those thots was marvelously penned.. gr8 going..

  2. Ha. This is the first time I've seen a reference to the author in your poetry. Awesome.

  3. Rajesh, thanks; glad that you found some way to connect too:)

    Aareet.. now that is a joy to read too:) And the writer/author, well you know how it is. Had to happen:) Thanks!

  4. Hi,

    I stumbled upon this blog after reading your name(with your comments) on another blog and chasing the hyperlink. Your name also happens to be the name of someone I knew in school(This was in Nashik). I've spent most of my morning reading the blog and the stuff is lovely.
    Thank You.

    btw - have u been a teacher?

  5. Jay, thanks for the kind words for the blog :) And yes, am a teacher [along with being a learner:)] still:) Glad you could share in the writes here! Have been reading yours too. Shall drop by with a note there soon. Thank you again!

  6. ohhhh....i wanted it to go on and some poems i conclude that u r great at connecting abstract things...whereas in some i conclude that u r best at endings...while in some ur too good in the middle...i shudnt jump to conclusions..."Wisps of grey hair
    In tendrils tease her forehead"...
    What a start!! hmmmmm....

  7. This is a personal favourite. So I rreally am happy you enjoyed reading it :) Thanks so much, Sandeep!


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