Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Right Age

When I tried those stilettos,
His deeply disapproving look
Simply served to fuel my determination:
I bought them.

The other day, I coloured my hair;
And he caught me in the process.
His exasperated, quizzical sigh
Ensured it had to be added to my routine!

And, if ever, I take the wheel,
(When he magnanimously
Grants me the opportunity)
Gosh! It’s all I can do
(As I listen to him droning on
About my nonexistent -to him-
Driving skill)
To not ram into the nearest tree-
Deliberately, I might add!

Still, I must admit:
He’s the one to soothe my frayed nerves;
And never complain, at the black coffee
He gets, when I forget the milk is over;
He’s the one, who’s seen me through
Dark and desperate storms of tears
When our dog took a walk, at midnight,
Without my permission!
He’s the patient tutor, for all those Football Matches
EPL or Champion’s League or La Liga…
And the endless laps of the Grand Prix;
I drive him crazy, as Hamilton drives to victory!

He’s the one who’s held me up
When my back gave way;
And made me laugh,
When it threatened to Rain, deep in my Heart!

And finally, no matter how misbehaved I am,
His final salvo, as he shouts:
“Grow up, MA!!”
Assures me, as nothing else does:

I am the Right Age!!!

Usha, 13 April, 2008


  1. such a sweet poem :) lovely read

  2. An absolute delight, diz one :)

  3. Hi Usha,
    A very sweet poem, with a twist in the tale. Loved it.
    Reminded me of all the 'natak' I used to do with my mom, who is longer in this world.
    A right-brain challenged guy

  4. Vrinda, sorry to be late with the thanks:)

    Sashu... I know:) You love this one just as much as I do:) Thanks!

    Salil, glad you could connect, finally, with something in here:) No, you couldn't be right-brain challenged, certainly... not with the way you write! Sorry to hear about your mom.
    GoD Bless, from another:)

  5. Aw this was so sweet, I thought my son was the only one who teased me about my driving skills :)

  6. @Indian Home Maker [wish I had a name to go on, :)].. Coming from a person whose writing I have come to admire, that is a heartwarming note. Thank you for the visit, and for staying on to leave this note!
    And am I glad to meet another at the same wheel, lol!

  7. Absolutely sweet read! Surprisingly, my sons applaud my driving skills!! :-)

  8. Shail, (and I hope it's ok to call you that:)).. you re one lucky mom, to have that kind of appreciation. I did too, till he learnt to drive, lol! Now I hardly get a chance at the wheel:) Thank you for the kind words too!

  9. Absolutely wonderful! If I ever have a child.. I would love him/her to be just like tis :)

  10. Dont know how I missed this one....

    coloured hair and loved ... lol I used to always stop mom from mehndi...

    I always say this too grow up Ma... this is so so beautiful to see a Mom;s perspective !!!

    lovely ushus !

  11. Meena :) glad you found this one, and gladder that you'd like one of yours to be like this! God Bless that you do have them :)

    Dhiren, thank you, that is so sweet of you to say so too!... :) I wonder how many kids would connect to this too! Thanks!

  12. u!u are lucky, I have a girl but I am going through a bad phase of parenting!


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