Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Dragon Slayer’s Day!

The good ol’ steed stood
Faithful, unquestioning;
Ready for me-

Saddled and waiting,
No blinkers too.
It was time, for war.

So, spear in hand
Armour donned-
Steely glint
Shining through the irises
I embark on that crusade,
Yet again.

The Affairs of State
Quite drew away my attention,
And so they multiplied, like rabbits,
The Dragons…
Having a ball, thinking I’d never know!

Surprise is always the key
I had been taught,
So I led the charge
Me, and myself, together!
Screaming the War Cry
Hair streaming behind!
Bouncing in the saddle
It was sheer joy-
To see their fires fizzle
At this unholy sight
Of their Tormentor-
Laughing wildly, and
A little madly-

Still it took them a while
To realize, I meant business-
And so, One by One
As their numbers grew
Thinner, we called a Truce:

I’d let them stay-
If only they’d leave
When I came around.
And they said-
They’d leave,
Only if I stayed,
To clear up.

A Truce, A Truce!
I knew I couldn’t
Push too hard-
I’d already done that
To Myself!

So, with Creaky Bones
And a Wobbling Spine
After the gallop, the canter
And the trot…
On my War Horse-

I retreat-
At the end of the day.

Broken, rather;
But deeply satisfied-
Dragons removed,
Dragons chased
Dragons quietened…

I rest on my laurels
Dust free, dirt free
Sparkling Clean,
Till they errupt again,
The Dragons, I mean…!

Hanging up my armour
Stabling the faithful steed
And putting aside the Spear;
I’m back to business as usual!

Finding my bed, that is-
And falling asleep…
To dreamily decimate more dragons
Delightfully, daringly,
Ah! Daintily….


Usha, 20 April, 2008

Inspired by Sonal Jyoti P's concept of how Dragons are all around us, in the form of work that we do, slaving over the kitchen stove, files to push, homes to clean, et al..:D
Thanks Sonal for the inspiration!!

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