Monday, 19 November 2007

A Quest!

To live upon
that distant dream,
that one day
I shall find me!

To sleep upon that
cushioned memory
that has yet to be
a part of me-

To sing that song
whose music long ago
I heard - though the
words are yet to speak-

To walk along that
road - myself and me;
And I and we.

That coming together,
in that union of myself-
That sense of finally
being born-

The curtain then
shall fall;
Replete shall I be.

Just I.
In Eternity.

Usha, 21 July, '07


  1. Wow..

    Now its just

    in Blogspot.

    Nice to see you here.Its easier for us to read from here..hehe

    happy blogging!

  2. nice one usha ji..

    finally you are into blogging too...

  3. this is one of my fav of urs

  4. Can beauty be brought out better than this verse? There is a tranquil passion to the composition

  5. lovely! again a fab fav :)

  6. AH! yes finally , Soumya:)thank you!

    Sidharth, you know how this came to be:) You got me thinking, and it happened!:) thanks! Shall ever be indebted to you:)

    Shalu, :)thank you:)

    Trinath:)thank you!

    And Sashu, thanks .. a pleasure to see u here too:)


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