Saturday, 28 September 2013

Waxing (Poetic?)

On your full moon night:

I marvel at how
You entrance
Blemishless, distant,
I think.

Yet, I know, fact says different.
I'd rather be poetic-
For nothing else can I be
When you adorn in 
Simple gold.
Tonight, I shall enslave
Myself, in you. 

You make me think in clichés 
In much-used, oft forgotten similes
All revived, when you finally come
Into your own
Every twenty-eight days
That's an interesting number

Veiled in references of a vulnerability-
Veiled in- and from.
Beauty that must be hidden;
But can never be held back,
So you tell me
As you climb, in your
Slow orbit.

Only, today we are in orbit-
Awed by your magnificence.
And so, you out-climb
Out-shine those grey wisps
That would confine.

For how do they know-
From you, off you, shines
That brightness - which,
No matter how they try-
They never shall steal.
Not tonight.

And, as brighter yet
You pour your light-
Lighter yet, my heart is...
Pushing aside 
Clinging cobwebs
Of an oppressed, submissive me.

Shine on, dear heart-
And so shall I.

This night. 
19 September, 2013
When the full moon shone, on 19th Sept, 2013, dispelling those grey grey clouds; and I could not help but wax eloquent :)
Photographs credit: Moi! :lol:

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