Friday, 2 March 2012

Merging - Haiku

Would that I could be
A silhouette on your soul
Friends beyond sunsets!
1 March, 2012
On a prompt from Shail Mohan, in her reply on her beautiful post :)
Picture, Copyright,  Shail Mohan


  1. Words that match
    Shail's excellent catch
    so apt,friendship beyond sunsets
    Friends,life's most valuable assets

  2. When that picture speaks a thousand words
    Catching only seventeen syllables, elusive as birds
    Is but little measure,
    For such beautiful treasure
    That bespeaks leisure
    Beyond skies orange or azure :)

    Govind, am rather helplessly on this roller coaster of comment-replies in verse too. Thank you for your words, that are sheer motivation :)


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