Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Sun Child

Sleepy eyes slowly coming to wakefulness

Recognition slowly dawning on his face-
His lips quirk in a semblance of a smile-
And at a shot, he's out of bed,

toddling around in wondrous rapture.

His eyes are lit up by the streaking sunbeams
he tries to catch-
Vivid at the sight of the riot of colour
in the garden-
Tender when he sees a little bird or his
Little kitten purring at his feet.
His diamond eyes never lose their sparkle-
Because he's a sun child!

His peal of laughter rings around-
Its music to my ears:
His gurgle of laughter fills me with a
consuming sense of happiness and elation-
Because he's mine!

After watching the crimson-gold sun go down
with a curiousness that nothing can surpass,
he nestles close to me;
And with a satisfied sigh,
his eyelids shut, to capture within
The sun in his hands, and the stars
all his to play with;
To frolic with angels in Heaven;
To know every joy of nature.

The world's all his and so am I
For he's my Sun Child!

16 Jan. '81


  1. Awww... Made me cry! This is possibly your best! And that's saying something!
    My best to you and your son!

  2. Surbhi.. thank you so much!

    And am so sorry for not getting there, wl do so once I am back home, end of the month :)

  3. Beautiful!! It brought tears to my eyes....

  4. I reread this and it's so beautiful!

    Made me get some semblance of an idea about how beautiful it must be to be a mother.

  5. Thank you for reading it again, Aayushi :) And yes, motherhood is a beautiful thing :)

  6. Usha, this is so beautifully done. :) I have not words.

  7. Beautiful words beautifully woven. :)
    Expression of mother's emotions for the child is nicely expressed.


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